Women’s Leadership for Peace

“Women Leadership for Peace in Yemen” project is implemented by Awam in partnership with OXFAM and YLDF. The overall objective is: “Needs and voices of Yemeni women affected by conflict in Yemen are represented at district , national and international levels in conflict to ensure inclusive and gender-sensitive peace building through a strengthened and effective civil society and community based initiatives”.

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What Are Our Main Aspects

We do belive in


Awam foundation is working to support women in all aspects. We believe that the empowerment of women is the way for equality and independence.

Peace & Co-existence

The peace is the goal for each community, there is no peace without development, for achieving this goal, Awam foundation is working intensively to promote the culture of peace and co-existence among society members.


Awam foundation works to activate and establish the principles of equality. we believe that it is one of the most important indicators of the success of societies.

Latest News from our Projects

We are doing our projects in extremely love

#The_Missing_Piece Campaign, to support women's participation in peacebuilding

#The_Missing_Piece Campaign, to support women's participation in peacebuilding

In partnership with Oxfam, Awam Foundation launched in December 2018 "The_Missing_Piece" campaign to support the participation of women in peacebuilding and to highlight the provisions of UN Resolution 1325 for Women, Peace and Security, within "Women Leadership for Peace" project.

07 Mar, 2019

Women Leadership for Peace (short films)

Women Leadership for Peace (short films)

Awam foundation has produced success stories short films to highlight some women leaders in peace-building in different cities in Yemen, within WLP project, in partnership with Oxfam and YLDF.

05 Mar, 2019