Study Dissemination Event & Closing ceremony of 2017‎‏ activities.

Study Dissemination Event & Closing ceremony of 2017‎‏ activities.

Within ‘Women leadership for peace’ project, Awam organized a dissemination event of Study on 'Impact of War on Participation of Women in Peace building' & the closing ceremony of AWAM's activities for the year 2017. This event was held on 3 May, 2018.

The event was attended by representatives of several international and local organizations, as well as some of the project's targeted group.

The event started with a welcome speech from the Executive Manager of the Foundation by Ms. Amal Abdulqader.

Oxfam Country Director Mr. Shane Stevenson spoke about Oxfam's work on gender-based projects and mentioned the importance of such projects has increased in light of the current conflict situation, and the importance of keeping women’s voice in decision-making positions.

Awam Project manager Ms. Ashwaq Shujaaddin welcomed the audience and then presented the activities of the project.

Ms. Dina Al-Maamoun- Oxfam's advocacy officer, commended Awam's efforts in implementing the project's activities. She talked about campaigning and advocacy in humanitarian work and how Oxfam is using media to achieve the desired impact, and then presented a short documentary showing Oxfam's interventions in protection and gender.

Dr. Husnia Al-kadri- Oxfam's Gender Projects Coordinator, commended the role of Awam and YLDF in providing services to the community, and thanked Oxfam's organization as a Yemeni for being present in all areas of conflict.

Ms. Asmahan Al-Eryani ‘ facilitator’ presented the activity of the Hearing Sessions for group of women, which Awam held; to identify women’s need and tools that empower them to contribute in peace building and participation in the negotiations. Asmahan also presented the challenges facing women, opportunities, accessible roles and main tools help them in peace building.

In the end, researcher Ahmed NoorAlddeen presented the study of "The Impact of the War on Women's Participation in Peace-building" and its results. Copies of the study were distributed in Arabic and English to audience.

The event included musical breaks. At the end of the event, the audience was invited to write expressions encouraging and supporting the participation of women in the peace-building process.

The event was covered by Yemen Observer:

Reportage about the dissemination event: