Link Event: Women's Participation in Peace-building and Negotiations

Link Event: Women's Participation in Peace-building and Negotiations

Within "Women's Leadership for Peace" project, in partnership with Oxfam and YLDF, Awam Foundation conducted "Link Event", which discusses Women's Participation in Peace-building and Negotiations, this event took place in Beirut- Lebanon, 17-18 August 2018. This event targeted 18 Yemeni women leaders inside Yemen and abroad. "The Linked Conscience" alliance was formed among Yemeni women in Yemen and abroad.

The event began with the speech of Awam Foundation by Dr. Bilqis Abu Osba. And then the speech of YLDF by Dr. Antelak Almuwakel and Oxfam speech by its represented Ms. Rehab Al-dhamari.

Dr. Bilqis welcomed the participants in this event and expressed her pleasure to meet with many of the Yemeni women activists who have always known to support women's issues and defend their rights. In turn, Dr. Antelak started her welcoming speech by thanking the participants in this workshop, and as a woman at home, she said, it is necessary to find a reciprocal process between women inside Yemen and abroad and how to benefit from women inside to communicate the reality and suffering of women to the outside world influencing the decision in Yemen through women abroad.

This event is part of the project's activities to discuss the partnership between women inside and outside Yemen, and the fact that women abroad have a greater chance of communicating their voices and voices and the suffering of women inside as well. Therefore, "The Linked Conscience" alliance was announced at the end of the workshop, also in the event the issues and concerns of women abroad were discussed through a hearing session that reflected the details of women living abroad.

Several interventions on women's roles, voices and needs were presented by Dr. Angela Al-Maamari, Dr. Antelak Al Mutawakel - Chairperson of YLDF, Ms. Laurenza Rossi- Director of the Women, Peace and Security Program at the UN Women in Yemen, Ms. Jameela Raja - Consultant and expert in negotiations and peace building, Mr. Ashwaq Shujaaddin- Awam project manager, and Ms. Amal Al-bukhyti, CEO of Awam.

Working groups were formed at the meeting to draw up plans for the participation of women in the peace process and to form an association to support issues related to them.