Impact Event

Impact Event

In partnership with Oxfam and YLDF, Awam foundation implemented "Impact" event, which aims to identify women's success stories in the community through listening to their experiences and positive contributions during the period of the war from 2011 until this moment.

women speakers talked about their experiences in the community. Yousra Al-Shahari talked about her project, in which she targeted displaced and the affected by war women and built their capacities in sewing, she provided them jobs in their new environment. Yousra received a chance to market her project by a representative of Alwan FM radio, who was one of the attendees at the event.

Ahlam Al-Azab spoke about her humanitarian work in the community since she was 11 years old and how this work contributes to women's capacity building and increases her self-confidence as an active member of society.

The event included artistic performances and presentation of the films produced by Awam Foundation on the success stories of women from different governorates in Yemen.

Click Here to see success stories of Yemeni women in building peace within their local community, which produced by Awam.

Reportage of Impact Event: