(Gender Policies  in Yemen) Booklet

(Gender Policies in Yemen) Booklet

Within "Women's Leadership for Peace" project and in partnership with Oxfam and YLDF, Awam Foundation implemented an evaluation study of the existing policies in a number of ministries in terms of their compatibility with the UNSCR resolution 1325 and identifying gaps for the protection of women during conflict and enabling them to participate effectively in peace-related decisions by proposing policies that protect women and accommodate Gender considerations by the government.

The task was carried out by gender mainstreaming consultants to assess policies, fill gaps and provide a reference framework for the targeted policies booklet.

The objectives of this activity were to:

1. Review existing policies and identify gaps according to the contents of Security Council resolution 1325.

2. Preparation of a booklet that includes an analysis of the current situation of the implementation of policies in the targeted ministries and the identification of the existing gap.

3. Develop the draft monitoring tools, the work plan and the advocacy plan produced in the previous workshops (government training's outputs implemented by Awam during the years 2017 and 2018).

4. Make recommendations to push towards the development of the proposed policies and fill the specific policy gap.

To download Gender Policy Booklet (in Arabic and English) Click Here.