#The_Missing_Piece Campaign, to support women's participation in peacebuilding

#The_Missing_Piece Campaign, to support women's participation in peacebuilding

In partnership with Oxfam, Awam Foundation launched in December 2018 "The_Missing_Piece" campaign to support the participation of women in peacebuilding and to highlight the provisions of UN Resolution 1325 for Women, Peace and Security, within "Women Leadership for Peace" project.

The campaign aimed at delivering the voices of women leaders in the field of peace-building and  their active roles in community service to a larger segment through the means of social media, by disseminate and promote short films tell Yemeni women's success stories in peace-building (see more details and watch the films by clicking here), and raising awareness of the issues of resolution 1325, which deals with the situation of women in times of conflict. The campaign also aimed at Changing attitudes and negative trends about the participation of women and their roles in building peace and encouraging other women to realize the importance of their role to build peace.

The themes of Resolution 1325 were presented as posters during the campaign period, a short motion graphics was produced reflecting the importance of women's role in peace building, and another flash showed the need to involve women in the peacebuilding process as they were the most affected in the conflict.

Many activists and influential figures from organizations working in peace participated with quotations supporting women and explaining the importance of their participation in the peacebuilding process.

You can see the campaign topics by visiting the Campaign page (The Missing Piece Campaign page).

At the end of the campaign, a petition was issued asking the target audience to support the participation of women in the peace-building process by signing it. Please sign it by clicking here and then entering your email.

The final video of the campaign and the reveal of who is The Missing Piece: